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There are different places on the body where we can find a pulse.
The primary pulse point would be the radial pulse, which is found as demonstrated in the video, on your wrist, just below your thumb, try to find your own radial pulse, using two fingers, don’t press hard, you only need to apply light pressure. When you detect the pulse you will feel it bounce against your fingers.

Don’t use your thumb only your fingers to check for a pulse, and only use one hand.

Further up your arm you have a Brachial Pulse, and on your neck the Carotid Pulse.

There is a pulse you can detect include you Femoral Pulse which is where your leg and groin bend, you also have another pulse you can detect which is behind your knee this it the Popliteal pulse and on top of the foot is the Pedal pulse.

The pulse is an indication of health, if you are unwell you will lose your peripheral pulses, this would start with the Radial Pulse and the Pedal pulse, you will slowly lose the other pulses as this will protect the main area of your body. Your Carotid Pulse will only be lost in cases of cardiac arrest or death.